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Results ( 13 ) : 2014 - 1.

The Territorial Scope of the American Convention on Human Rights

Authors: H. De Vylder

Abstract: States often commit human right violations outside the borders of their own territory. Whereas different regional human rights supervisory bodies already attributed responsibility in such cases, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR) has...

Member States’ Compliance with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ Judgments and Orders Requiring Non-Pecuniary Reparations

Authors: S. Vannuccini

Abstract: This article centres on the topic of the implementation process of the IACtHR’s judicial decisions adopted within the framework of the system of individual petitions of the ACHR, by delving into the degree of actual compliance with final condemnato...

The Inauguration of the Inter-American Defenders’ Era: Reflections after the Furlan Case

Authors: V. David

Abstract: The Inter-American human rights system has recently implemented an unprecedented legal aid model. The latter is based on the free assignment of Inter-American Defenders, who are national public defenders appointed to alleged victims in need of repr...